Vision & Mission

Our   Vision   lies in   the cretro of   Mandar   Vidyapith (Soham) .  The spirit of   Adwaita   Mission is   embedded   in the motto
Everyman is Potentially Divine and as such, is 'Power, Knowledge, Bliss, Absolute' to lead an angelic life on the basis of the above mentioned truths so also to build up a casteless and classless society where love will be the law and service will be the religion of the people. For this, our approach is cultural. By culture, we mean a cultural movement to study, understand and appreciate the values within others. Our educational program is based on the philosophy of the Upanishads as preached by Aadi Shankaracharya and Swami Vivekananda.

Our Mission

1. To prepare the teachers of high calibre for all levels of Education in tune with the national and international goals.

2. To train the teachers as leaders of the emerging society with sense of public responsibility.

3. To produce the teachers with knowledge and character, ideals and aspirations, attitude and motivation.

4. To enable the teachers to become good innovators.

5. To equip the teachers with motivation for manifold activities to lead a socialized life.